Personalized Footwear

Custom orthotics combined with personalized footwear is the ultimate solution for foot comfort and health. At Footform Performance, we sell a select grouping of shoes that are hard to find in mainstream shoe outlets.

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First, why choose a personalized shoe?

Our shoe selections offer unique features such as comfort, fit, durability, quality, function and compatibility with orthotics that other brands simply cannot provide. Personalizing is how we fit your foot with length, width, shims, stretching, grinding and custom orthotics. The result is luxury for your feet.

Please view our selections:

Laurentian Chief Moccasins

Native Americans didn’t like the shoes of European settlers because they “blinded the eyes in their feet.” With hard-soled shoes they lost their sensation for the ground. They relied on foot sensation and foot feel to guide their bodies balance and movement, even in the dark where you literally can’t see!

Laurentian Chief moccasins combined with our custom orthotics restore the sensation of walking on natural Earth, even if you’re walking on hard man-made surfaces. This moccasin/orthotic combination gives you the best feel for the ground in our urban environment and virtually everyone should experience this, “grounded feeling” regularly.

Wearing moccasins helps you stretch your calf muscles, because they have no heel raise. The level-heel moccasin encourages stretching the calf a little every step and its the most effective way. Instead of an exercise, it becomes a lifelong routine and form of movement.

Laurentian Chief moccasins easily accommodate orthotics and have a stitched-on waterproof sole. They are hand sewn by Canadian Indians in a variety of natural leathers.

Tips for wearing moccasins:

• When wearing a moccasin, pay particular attention to maintain heel contact until the very finish of a step, with increased ankle and knee bend. Walk like you have suction cups on your heels. Feel the calf stretch each step.

Begin wearing moccasins with a break-in period. The calf muscles need time to stretch-out. Start with ten minutes the first day and work up to several hours.

Mens Brown Everyday Lace Shoe

Four-eyelet Waterproof Oxford from Dunham Bootmakers. As a New Balance Performance brand, Dunham features the latest technologies and ongoing innovations. Their fit has been refined since 1885 to fit your feet better. This shoe is very versatile, from trekking Europe to everyday workhorse, it’s the kind of shoe that’s a staple in every mans shoe selection.

Womens Black Everyday Lace Shoe

This Womens shoe offers all-day comfort matched by all-around style from Aravon®. As a New Balance Performance brand, Aravon features the latest technologies and ongoing innovations, now beautifully refined for lasting comfort in everyday shoes. This shoe is very versatile, from European travel, to professional dress, it’s the kind of shoe that’s a staple in every womans shoe selection. Also available in brown.

Womens Dress Sandal

Jamie sandal by Aravon® is a three-strap sling style with the added comfort of adjustable Velcro closures on the forefoot. Theses sandal are finely stitched and detailed in Delta Brown leather. Also available in Black and Taupe.

Mens and Womens Outdoor Performance Shoe

The Waffle Stomper Nimble by Dunham. Dunam first introduced the Waffle Stomper back in 1968. This latest refinement is the perfect athletic cross-trainer for an active outdoor person. Good for hiking, trail running, and work, this shoe is very rugged and versatile.

Mens and Womens Casual Sandal

Sandals and moccasins are the oldest* style of shoes and very proven for comfort. Sandals allow freedom for the toes and lots of ventilation. Even "difficult-to-fit" feet are comfortable in sandals.

Orthotic sandal by Bite®. Sandals that accept orthotics are difficult to find. This one is extremely comfortable with padded, waterproof-leather straps and a very stable sole. This sandal is also available in a running version and a golf version with spikeless cleats.

*The oldest footwear ever discovered are 10,000 year old sandals from Fort Rock, near our home town Bend, Oregon.

Ski Boots

Footform Performance sells custom ski boots from DALEBOOT USA.
Sore feet have been synonymous with downhill skiing ever since the advent of plastic ski boots. Randall Barna, C.Ped. of Footform Performance, combined his expertise in the ski industry and orthotics with DALEBOOT USA, a company he knew and respected, to solve the problem.

Skiboots and skiing put more stress and strain on your feet than anything else. The necessity of customizing is obvious for anyone with feet that are abnormal. Other than unusual feet, high performance skiers demand custom fit boots because they ski better.

At Footform Performance we start with a preview appointment to examine your feet, determine if custom DALEBOOT shell modifications are needed, and analyze orthotic footbed needs. The next step is a second fitting appointment to custom form a DALEBOOT liner to your feet with a heat and pressure process. Included in this process is stance balancing analysis and alignment. The result is a custom ski boot that is so comfortable you barely believe you’re in ski boots!

Randall Barna, C.Ped began fitting ski boots and working in ski shops thirty-five years ago. He owned and operated Randy Barna’s Ski Shop in Bend, Oregon for ten years before opening his Pedorthic practice and has fitted boots with virtually every customizing system and process that has come along. Randall stakes his reputation on DALEBOOT, they’ve proven to be the best!