How Orthotic Footbeds Work

Walking on hard flat floors in mass produced shoes develops unnatural and often dysfunctional foot habits. The job of orthotic footbeds is to train your feet to perform properly. As a training device, they provide sensual feel and feedback for good foot form.

Footform® Orthotic Footbeds, made custom from your baseline 3D contours provide the best feel and feedback possible. Real control of your foot comes from you. Changing the contour under your foot with an orthotic footbed makes your old habits of foot control feel strange. Consciously understanding this and accepting that you will need to change your foot performance habits is the key ingredient to improvement. With instruction, experimentation and practice, the new orthotic contours will guide the foot to proper form and function.

Personalized Service

You need a pro to analyze your feet, legs, hips, and shoes. We determine your objectives and teach you how to use your body and feet properly. Your new resource will include custom made orthotic footbeds. Orthotics based on your natural foot shape and the right shoes will guide force correctly - relieving strain and pain.

At Footform Performance, your professional is Randall Barna, a Board Certified Pedorthist. A pedorthist is a certified health care professional who has studied foot anatomy and diseases, and is also trained in the design, modification and proper fitting of shoes and orthotic insoles.

Sports Pedorthics is the term Randall has coined to Footform’s three-tiered approach, which integrates Custom Orthotics, Footwear and Training. All three influence each other and must be addressed together. And yes…walking is considered a sport!