Fossils of human footprints show us that ancient feet were very much like ours. What has really changed are the floors and footwear.

Before the industrial revolution, most people walked on the earth barefoot, or with soft handcrafted footwear. The entire foot was massaged and stimulated with every step as it settled into the earth or sand. Abnormal feet weren't a problem because the earth accommodated the unique footprints and the moccasins were made for the user.

Now, we mostly tread on flat, hard floors and wear mass produced shoes. Unfortunately, our feet accommodate to the floors and shoes instead of vice versa. This is the essence of many foot problems, with abnormal feet suffering the most.

The foot is mechanically complex and it naturally works better when the ground is accommodating to the foot, not the other way around. If your feet hurt, other problems that are foot-related can transfer to leg, knee, hip and lower back.

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